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I hope you like the 12th edition of our Isles of Scilly Calendar for 2020. It is an enjoyable challenge trying to come up with new and interesting images of these lovely islands each year after so many years producing these calendars. I very much hope you will like those I have selected to give you pleasure month by month throughout 2020.

Taking and choosing the images in the first place is only the start of the task. Working with our graphic designer and printers to get the colour balance and quality as near to the original as possible requires some great team-work. So a big thank you to our wonderful graphic designer of many years, Jesse Wilson of Beyond Media Productions and our local printers Booths Print of Penryn in Cornwall.

By clicking on the front cover image below, this will take you direct to the pages in our website where you can browse through all of the pictures of this latest edition of this calendar and where I hope you will then wish to buy it direct from us via our website:

ios-2019-calendar-front-cover© Copyright Robert Sanger/Blue Planet Images

I am particularly pleased with how this front cover image has worked out in print which I suspect might intrigue you into wondering how I managed to capture this unusual view – no image management trickery was involved with the passing cruise ship, I promise you!!

To learn more, I invite you to read the latest in our occasional series of “The story behind the picture” in this newsletter below.

As usual we include a mailing envelope for your convenience. Our calendars are also sold by a number of retailers and hotels on the Isles of Scilly, on the “Scillonian III” ferry from Penzance to St. Mary’s and at certain shops on the mainland – contact me for details.


I have often been asked in the past for greetings cards and postcards featuring pictures of Puffins and seals but until recently did not have the right images in my archive.

But following several most successful and enjoyable photo-shoots last year I have now been able to choose from several hundred new images of Puffins, Atlantic Grey Seals and Razorbills to create new greetings cards and postcards which as I had hoped and expected have immediately become best-sellers. I hope you like them. Click on the picture below to see these new greetings cards:

BPI-GC-0085-web© Copyright Robert Sanger/Blue Planet Images


I was recently approached by the editor of the U.K. magazine “Professional Photo” wishing to write a profile article on me and the online business of Blue Planet Images in their U.K.-wide magazine. I gave them a lengthy telephone interview and supplied a number of images and understand this is due to be included in the next edition due out on 23rd May.

I shall be very interested to see what they have written. You also may wish to keep a look out for it wherever you buy your magazines and newspapers.

Here is a clickable link to the magazine’s website:


As with so much landscape photography, to get this image I was up very early before dawn in late May on St. Mary’s, the largest island making up the Isles of Scilly archipelago. The morning was cloudless and calm with a high tide as I set off with hardly another person up and about at that early hour, just the sound of birds and the gentle waves along the shoreline of the harbour.

I had a vague idea of the sort of image I was hoping to get, that of the view westwards from the high ground on the east side of Hugh Town harbour and if I was to be lucky, with the dawn light of “The Golden Hour” casting a glow over the bay.

Weighed down with my back-pack of camera bodies I continued the long trudge around the east side of the shoreline and up towards the golf course – being a landscape photographer is not all relaxation!!!

After spending the best part of an hour taking quite a lot of what I might call “Okay” photos from various positions across the headland I was about to head back to my hotel and breakfast when I was thrilled to see this good looking small cruise ship approaching from the east. I had very little time to choose the position to set up my tripod and camera with a large telephoto lens and catch a sequence of pictures as this ship passed across the entrance to Porthcressa bay beyond the town and harbour. The use of the telephoto lens adds the drama of the fore-shortened perspective to the image and without it the ship would have been too far away and too small in the image.

So, yes this cruise ship really is in the original composition and as so often, this image was in large part due to luck and being in the right place at the right time. I returned to breakfast in the hotel hopeful that I had now got my front cover picture for the 2020 calendar.

If there is one word of advice from this, whether you are taking photographs or not, if it is a fine morning, get up and go out very early. The getting up part is not so much fun to start with but once you out in the nature I hope you will be filled with the joy of another day living on this wonderful Blue Planet.

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As always I am happy to hear from you whether it is about any of our publications or the pictures and places featured in them or comparing notes on our travels.

With best wishes,
Robert Sanger

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