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“Dawn departure” – Leaving Stornoway, Outer Hebrides, for Ullapool, Scotland.


In a world where everything seems to be rising in price here is some good news for you:


Greetings Cards - All designs

Now only: £2.00 each

(Were £2.40)


Postage & Packing

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To buy online click on the image below or here or

by telephone: (within the U.K.) - 01872 222601

& from outside the U.K. +44 1872 222601

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Greetings cards of this size and high quality are now typically selling at £2.99 and more in “High Street” shops in the U.K. and our printers tell us that over recent months the cost to them of card, paper and packaging materials for the trade have risen by about 60% so that future price rises will unfortunately be unavoidable in due course.

This then is your opportunity to save money and stock-up with a supply of our lovely all-occasions Greetings Cards, for a short time only whilst stocks last, at a genuine bargain price – offered to you now to encourage sales at this quieter time of year.




PLUS P. & P.

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With most of 2022 still to come, if you have not already bought your copy, you can view and buy one of the remaining copies by clicking HERE or on the picture above.

And even if you have bought one already, having a second one next to it, open to the following month, I find helps with forward planning.



25p each
(Normally 50p each)


Half-price (for a short time only and whilst stocks last) on selected designs in our five series of high-quality postcards of:

The Isles of Scilly, Cornwall & The Lake District in England
“The Highlands & Hebrides” and Northwest Highlands”
in Scotland:

postcards© Copyright Robert Sanger/Blue Planet Images

Whilst all these postcards are also sold by selected retailers in all of these locations (details from us on request), buying direct from us is the only place where you can choose from the entire range of designs and if you buy in advance of your travels you then have the convenience of being able to pre-address them before leaving home.

But this special offer is for a short time only after which they will return to the normal price.

You can choose from all the current designs and buy them by clicking on the image above or Here.

“Highlands & Hebrides” series

“Bealach na Bà” or “The Pass of the Cattle”

At the request of our local retailers and to meet their customers’ demands we have just completed the design, and will soon publish, a new postcard featuring the famous and challenging single-track road over the mountain pass at 2,054 feet or 626 meters known as “The Bealach na Bà” in Gaelic or “The Pass of the Cattle” from Loch Kishorn to the remote village of Applecross on the west coast of the Highlands of Scotland.

Driving over this testing road pass – not suitable for learners nor nervous drivers nor cars towing caravans – is one of the highlights for many driving Scotland’s “North Coast 500” or “NC 500” scenic route around the far north and west coasts – nicknamed by some as “Scotland’s Route 66”.

postcards-new-highlands© Copyright Robert Sanger/Blue Planet Images

You may order this postcard from us by telephone (01872 222601) now in advance of publication expected sometime in the next few weeks.

Click Here to see and buy all our other postcards in this “Highlands & Hebrides” Scotland series.





(Were £6.00)

prints© Copyright Robert Sanger/Blue Planet Images

By clicking on the picture above or HERE you can choose and buy from these eight professionally printed, A4 size, full-colour, unmounted photo prints on card at this special price and as the saying goes:
“For a short time only and whilst stocks last”.

Minimum purchase amount

As you may have noticed, we have recently reluctantly had to increase the minimum value of online and telephone purchases, excluding Postage and Packing, to £10.00 following recent increases in what we are charged for the secure “processing” of credit and debit card payments – a problem faced by even the very biggest online traders - as you may well have heard in the media.

Since most of our online and telephone sales are now usually over this amount, I hope that this will not inconvenience you and thank you for your understanding.

… And finally:

It is some time since I previously ended one of these newsletters by sharing with you things that have caught my eye and made me laugh or pause for thought, so I hope that in a world of problems and worries my images and our publications can continue bring to you moments of pleasure and hope you enjoy the following:

A Genuine letter I received from a business in Singapore some years ago:

It was signed rather worryingly: “Wee Soon Lye, (Accountant)”

And then from a former work colleague, many years ago, who had such reputation for often getting well-known sayings laughingly muddled-up, that we recorded them, here are just two:

“I don’t know him from a slice of bread”.

To a taxi driver: “Please take a U-bend here”

Also heard: a schoolboy wrote:

“I am looking forward to the end of my childhood so that I can enjoy my adultery”.

And a quote from a real-life road accident report:

“The guy was all over the road. I had to swerve a number of times before I hit him”.

Hoping to hear from you soon. With my thanks and best wishes,

Robert Sanger

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