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MAY 2018 Newsletter


Now you can browse through the 11th edition of our Isles of Scilly Calendar online and buy it direct from us via our website by clicking on the front cover image below:


As usual we include a mailing envelope for your convenience. Our calendars are also sold by a number of retailers and hotels on the Isles of Scilly, on the “Scillonian III” ferry from Penzance to St. Mary’s and at certain shops on the mainland – ask me for details.

For now we have left our Postage and Packing charges unchanged despite a recent further increase in many Royal Mail charges but we may need to adjust some of these in the near future to cover our increased costs.

I hope you like it – possibly our best yet I think, if I may be forgiven for saying this as the photographer and publisher!!!



NEW: 2018 Greetings Cards Catalogue – pictured above and available free of charge on request – shows details of the latest additions, bringing the total number we now offer to 84. Click on the image above to see a low-resolution version of this catalogue or email me at: robert@blueplanetimages.com to receive your free copy by post.

To see the latest full range of our greetings cards in our website and buy online click here.


At the request of several local retailers and hoteliers on the west coast of the Highlands of Scotland we have been persuaded to now publish the first 9 in a planned new series of postcards featuring photographs I have taken during recent visits. We have already received a number of advance trade orders for these new postcards and now show these in our website where you can already order them. Click on the picture below to see them:

highlands-postcard-1 Castle Stalker, Argyllshire
© Copyright Robert Sanger/Blue Planet Images

These are in addition to our existing North West Highlands of Scotland postcards.


Amongst our many friendly retailers in Scotland with a large selection of our greetings cards are:

New: J. Menzies, Callander in Perthshire: Probably the best card shop in this charming country town just north of Stirling and on the edge of the Highlands at 1-3 Main Street on the corner by the Post Office (which they also own).

Nevisport – Craft Shop, Fort William: Across the road from the railway station.

Fraser Macintryre, Wentworth Street, Portree, Isle of Skye: Big newsagent in the centre of town with a fine card shop.

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations
Not so exciting but important.

By now you will no doubt have received many messages telling you about the coming into force on 25th May 2018 of new E.U.-wide rules called General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR for short. These are aimed at giving us all enhanced rights and protection of our personal data within the EU and for those we deal with worldwide. To learn more about GDPR click here.

The fact that you are receiving this email newsletter from us means that you have previously said that you are happy to hear from us with our very occasional email newsletters.

We continue to fully comply with all the security procedures and checks as required by the credit and debit card companies such as Visa, Mastercard and the banks whose payment cards we accept for purchases. Indeed we have again just successfully completed our latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS checks and on request I can forward to you a copy of our latest “Certificate of Validation” for Blue Planet Images dated 3rd April 2018 valid for a further 12 months. Amongst the things these checks require is that we never retain any credit or debit card details and that all traffic to and from our website is secure using SSL123 encryption. This latter service continues to be provided to us by world leader in this field, Thawte of Cape Town in South Africa. A real-time check for confirming the current validity of our company’s certification for SSL 123 encryption can be found at the bottom-right on the home page in our website.

As for any personal details, we have always provided, and continue to do so, a clear means for you to opt into or out of receiving these email newsletters from us. We continue to provide the facility in our website for you to check online what name, address, telephone number and email address details you have previously given to us and you can amend or even delete these if you so wish – the new so-called “right to be forgotten” as required by GDPR. You continue to be able to view and manage this data via the “My Account” page in our website or by contacting me personally by email, telephone or post in case you need assistance.

We have never nor shall we ever, except in very rare cases if required by law, give nor sell nor share your name nor contact details with any third party even to the extent that we do not use any third party for the purposes of sending out our email newsletters which is done directly via our own website server located in a secure facility in London Docklands.

We only hold your contact details for your and our convenience so that the next time you wish to buy anything from us, you or we do not need to re-enter all your details. We also use this information to send to you our email newsletter if you have opted to do so – not more than 4 or maybe 5 times a year – I promise!!!

From the founding of Blue Planet Images we always have been signed up to and continue to always very conscientiously comply with all existing U.K. Data Protection legislation. The coming into force of GDPR adds to and strengthens the rights we all have in the U.K and E.U. to having our personal details and data protected. In Blue Planet Images we have in fact been doing all these things already for many years.

Before the 25th of May we shall make some minor changes to our Privacy Policy as may be needed to reflect our compliance with GDPR.

In case you have any need for assistance or have any questions or concerns in this regard please call me, Robert Sanger, on telephone: +44 (0)1872 222601 or by email at: robert@blueplanetimages.com


Now for something completely different!!!

Cosy Nook

On the extreme southern coast of South Island New Zealand, tucked into a little rocky bay facing the full might of the Southern Ocean and distant Antarctica is a picturesque and tiny fishing village called Cosy Nook. It has featured in car commercials in the past so you may have seen it. It is not so much a village, more a ramshackle collection of fishing huts and holiday homes some of which might best be described as quirky. Here is what I mean - a picture of a front door belonging to someone clearly with a good sense of humour.

new-zealand-front-door-sign © Copyright Robert Sanger/Blue Planet Images

In my next newsletter I’ll bring you another amusing front door picture also in Cosy Nook.

I started this newsletter with a picture of flowering cherry blossom evoking memories of a trip I did to Japan with a group of some 30 Nikon photographers 12 years ago in early April when the cherry blossom was at its best in the temple gardens of the ancient capital Kyoto.

Here is a picture both interesting and amusing showing the various prayer candles that one can buy at the famous Kinkaku-ji or Temple of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto.

kyoto-temple-prayer-candles © Copyright Robert Sanger/Blue Planet Images

My favourite? Maybe “Traffic in safety” or “Do a brisk business”.

I am always happy to hear from and chat with you as I do with so many of our clients, not just to take your purchase requests but to share traveller’s tales. This is one of my greatest pleasures running Blue Planet Images.

Thank you for your continued interest in my photography and our publications and these newsletters and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

With thanks and best wishes,
Robert Sanger

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