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As usual I have chosen a picture of a letter box to accompany this annual reminder of last posting dates for Christmas. This one dates from the reign of Queen Victoria, and is set into a dry-stone wall high in one of the valleys, or dales as they are known locally, in the English Lake District in Cumbria. Still in daily use despite of all the advances in communications and with no houses anywhere nearby – just lots of grazing sheep.

With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, if you still plan to place an order with us but have yet to do so then we ask that you please do so before the following Royal Mail posting deadlines thus avoiding the usual last-minute rush, especially if you wish us to send a gift on your behalf – thank you:

International Standard (Air Mail):

Saturday 2 December
Africa, Middle East
Orders to us please by Thursday 30th November

Wednesday 6 December
Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia)
Orders to us please by Monday 4th December

Thursday 7 December
Caribbean, Central and South America
Orders to us please by Tuesday 5th December

Saturday 9 December
Australia, Greece, New Zealand
Orders to us please by Thursday 7th December

Wednesday 13 December
Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Orders to us please by Monday 11th December

Thursday 14 December
Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Orders to us please by Tuesday 12th December

Friday 15 December
Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland
Orders to us please by Wednesday 13th December

Saturday 16 December
Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg
Orders to us please by Thursday 14th December


Wednesday 20 December
U.K. First Class
Orders to us please by Monday 18th December


Isles of Scilly 2018 Calendars


Thank you if you are amongst the many who have now bought one or more of our 10th Anniversary Edition Blue Planet Images Isles of Scilly 2018 Calendars.

If this is still on your “To do” list I hope you will not mind this gentle reminder that there are now only about five weeks left until Christmas and the start of 2018.

Click on the front cover picture above to view and buy it.

Same or next working day dispatch – orders accepted at weekends.


The video clip in our September email newsletter showing our Isles of Scilly 2018 Calendar being assembled at our printers drew a number of positive comments and so when we recently had to get some of our greetings cards reprinted and matched with the existing cards, I made video recordings which our graphic designer Beyond Media Productions has edited into the following short video clip – I hope you find it interesting to see the care that goes into this process.



Seen on our travels in Scotland:

“Pigs can’t fly” – In fact it seems that they can according to this road sign on the Isle of Raasay off the east coast of the Isle of Skye in Scotland.


In fact no pigs were to be seen anywhere along this road so the mystery continues.

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